Innovative Marketing’s Top Five Reasons For Visiting Mexico

In 2015, the Innovative Marketing team will be visiting Mexico for our annual Rest and Relaxation Retreat. This will be part of a program to reward the top performers within our organization for their hard work and dedication. The group will be staying in the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, one of the chain’s all-inclusive resorts. We’re very excited about this trip; here are our top five reasons why.

• Lavish Rooms: One of the best attributes about the resort is its luxurious rooms. We are very excited to be able to relax in style down in Mexico.

• Relaxing Spas and Salons: Another great feature is the series of spas, salons, and other venues for pampering ourselves. These combined with the fantastic pool offer excellent opportunities to indulge.

• Great Restaurants: Of course no trip would be complete without excellent food. The resort features 13 dining options and the surrounding area offers many opportunities to sample local cuisine.

• An Amazing Golf Club: For the golfers in our group, there will be access to the Robert con Hagge course, a celebrated 18 holes of challenging play.

• Wonderful Local Attractions: Finally, the resort also offers access to some exciting local attractions including Mayan ruins, swimming with dolphins, and a beach club that offers water sports and other fun activities.

We are thrilled about this trip both as a way to relax and to become closer as a group. The Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya is the perfect setting for this trip. We expect this to be both a fun adventure and a great way to reward our leading team members for all of the hard work they have put in to becoming the best.

Innovative Marketing’s Network Oriented Business Strategy

The Innovative Marketing team recently returned from a trip to Texas during which we attended a national conference on leadership. Our attendance at this event was part of a broader strategy to develop the firm’s business through networking. John, our company’s director, has encouraged this approach as a way to bring a personal touch into our client acquisition strategy.

We are already regularly using the central concept of this method in the way we promote our clients. Our focus on highly interactive campaigns has enabled us to build a personal rapport with our clients’ customers. So we decided to start using this same idea in the way we develop our own business. We believe that by working to build stronger relationships with our clients early on will enable us to have smoother interactions down the road.

It also helps us to more easily gather requirements from our clients. Fully understanding our clients’ needs and objectives is essential to developing effective campaigns for their specific situations. By developing a relationship before engaging them as a client, we can be more effective at identifying and comprehending their particular needs.

Of course, networking has many other benefits, including meeting new people, increasing your profile within the industry, and improving the confidence of our team members. For these reasons and more we try to incorporate personal interactions into everything we do.

For Innovative Marketing, networking and in-person interactions are our way of doing things. We try to incorporate this mentality into both our own business and the outreach initiative we conduct for our clients. We firmly believe that the best way to conduct business is through strong, well-developed relationships.

Innovative Marketing Discusses Passion For Marketing

The most important factor to success in business is passion. At Innovative Marketing we love what we do; and we leverage that enthusiasm to guarantee the best possible results for our clients. Passion is important for many reasons, including:

1. It’s Easier to Work Hard: When you love what you do, it is easy to put extra effort into your work. Delivering truly great results takes time and energy. If you have passion, going the extra mile seems like an opportunity, not an obligation.

2. It Makes Obstacles More Manageable: We all face hardships from time to time. These difficulties feel much easier to handle if you truly enjoy what you do. Passion turns obstacles into chances to learn and grow. This results in the tough times seeming less draining and the good times seeming even sweeter.

3. It Gets You Excited for Tomorrow: For many people, who go to work just to pay the bills, each day in the office can feel like a chore. People who have passion for their work, on the other hand, are excited to face each day’s new challenges. Instead of being draining, each day is energizing when you love what you do.

It is next to impossible to become passionate about a job you dislike. At Innovative Marketing, we consider energy and enthusiasm to be the most important factors when adding a new member to our team. It is easy to learn how to do something; but learning to love doing it can’t be forced. So, figure out what you love to do and do that.

Innovative Marketing on the National Leadership Conference and Getting Noticed


At Innovative Marketing, we believe that making a lasting impression in this industry is important to ensuring long-term growth. Two of our top performers had such an opportunity when we sent them to the national leadership conference in Dallas.

Deshean and Marceleno were chosen to attend the event based on their outstanding efforts and willingness to work hard to achieve their goals. Their dedication and determination made them stand out among the other leaders, and they were rewarded for their efforts. At the conference, they were able to meet industry leaders, learn new techniques and best practices, and network with top executives from across the country.

Our team members receive exciting opportunities because they find ways to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Here are two ways that you can stand out in your work.

Have a Purpose

In this business, the best executives are the ones who work toward a specific objective. You can make a name for yourself by having a singular focus, something that you do better than anyone else. If you can find your purpose with your company, you will become indispensable.

Outwork Everyone

This is the single greatest way to stand out in your career. If you become known as the person who can meet every objective, who does not stop working until complete success is achieved, who will persevere through all setbacks, then you will truly stand out. This is a remarkable quality and one that is rare, which makes it even more important. Fortunately, it can be learned. Train yourself to give more on each project that you complete, and soon it will become natural for you.

We are proud of the efforts of our team members at Innovative Marketing, and congratulate Deshean and Marceleno on their recent trip to the national conference. We believe in offering opportunities to all of our executives who work hard and stand out, which is why we continue to grow and thrive as a company.

PRESS RELEASE: Innovative Marketing Offers Advancement through Recent Promotions


RIVERSIDE, CA– Innovative Marketing is building a goal-oriented team by promoting two team members and hiring several more. Janay and Rikki have moved into leadership positions while Jasmine, Ronya, Jeniffer, and Steven have recently joined the firm.

When discussing the growth of his team, director of operations John admitted that the changes came as no real surprise given the positive attitude and work ethic of his team. “Janay has great qualities, such as a willingness to learn on a daily basis,” John said. “She always wants to be better, and she gives other people an opportunity by sharing what she has learned. This makes her a huge asset to the team.”

John was equally impressed by Rikki’s rapid advancement within the firm. “Rikki works very hard, always strives to be better, and is a motivation to her team,” he explained. “She has a positive attitude and an incredible drive for success.”

Read Full Press Release Here.

Innovative Marketing Discusses Recent Team Day and Ways to Build Camaraderie


At Innovative Marketing, we know how important it is to have a strong team. When everyone is working together toward a common goal, anything is possible. Unfortunately, some companies believe that great teamwork happens naturally – or worse, that it is simply part of the job. At Innovative Marketing, we take proactive steps to ensure our team members grow together, opening the door for more successful creative collaboration.

Recently, we took a road trip to Los Angeles to visit our office run by Sandy and Jackson. They invited us to train, learn, and grow with their team. We learned so much from their techniques and successes, and discovered what makes them leaders in the interactive marketing industry. One of the greatest benefits of the trip, however, was the opportunity it provided for our team to learn about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and how to help each other reach our goals. We returned to our office ready to tackle any obstacle.

Team outings are excellent ways to get your team working together. However, if you lack the resources or time to organize a trip, you can do things to improve the environment within your own office. Here are two ways to do so:

Celebrate Success

When you accomplish something as a team, you should take the time to recognize the important work that you have done. Teams that routinely celebrate together are more united and more willing to work harder to achieve the next goal.


This is one of the best and simplest ways to improve morale and team unity. All you have to do is smile. When you are working together, make it a pleasant experience. People are more likely to enjoy working with people whom they like, and it is much easier to like people when they smile.

At Innovative Marketing, we continue to grow as a company because of the great work of our valuable team members. Our commitment to collaboration sets us apart in this industry, and will continue to guide us toward new successes.

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